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Chemtrails Data Censored by Wikipedia Confirms Coverup

Open letter no. 2 to the Danish parliament: (Sent to The Environment CommitteeThe Health Committee and The Climate, Energy and Building Committee. Furthermore this text lies on the website of Henrik Rosenø (www.Transformation.DK), where you can read and write user-comments.) Manipulation of Wikipedia covers up serious crimeAnalysis: Wikipedia’s credibility as a serious independent media has been undermined. Within a year, in the Wikipedia article “Chemtrails conspiracy theory”, we have registered 14 examples, mentioned below, of users’ attempts to add serious and relevant information and sources about chemtrails, which then immediately is removed by someone else… In addition, this document contains some of the best photos documenting chemtrails, that we have been able to find! – by M.Sc Henrik Rosenø and B.Sc Frank B. Rasmussen on behalf of the Danish association “Fri For Flystriber” (Free From Plane Stripes) If you just enter the keyword ‘chemtrails’ on Google, then the top search r…